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On Sci-Fi Freaks, you can advertise your sci-fi based board. There are a few things that we want communicated in your ad and title/description Please make sure you include them!

All new posts are moderated to be sure and should appear within 24 hours. Please don't submit multiple topics for the same game! We'll get it up, promise.

1. One ad per game. You can post as many games as you like, so long as you are an admin or mod on that board. (the exception to this is if the site is adopted by someone else. Please make an archive request for the old ad and post a new one.)
2. You can bump as often as you like by bumping or replying.
3. If your site is no longer active or you just don't want it here, reply here with your thread URL so a moderator can move your thread to the Graveyard.
4. We'll give you warning before we check sites. We don't need to see your IC boards, but if we don't see other signs of activity beyond advertisements, we'll archive your thread. We'll also archive it if you don't bump it for a month.
5. If you're a mod of a game and that changes, please inform so we can archive the thread.
6.We require for our button to be on your site somwhere. Static or scrolling, we don't care!

Once a month, the staffer moderating the board will select an advertisement based on member activity here as well as activity on the board. This lucky game will be featured in the descriotion of their ategory for a year, or until the game dies (which ever comes first). So, be active here! We'll give you space for a year!

The Form
Topic Title: -whatever title you like- include whichever applies [IF], [JCINK], [PRO], [ICY], [SMF], etc.
Topic Description: -whatever you like- if it is above PG, rate it accordingly (rpg-rating system is fine in lieu of MPAA)
Your Ad:
-your standard advertisement-
Be sure not to forget linking back to your site. If your site is rated, make sure that it says that!