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Jun 23 2013, 06:52 AM
Okay, come on, who else is a fan? I am SO not alone in this!

I've seen every episode and I'd love to know how other fans feel about the season finale.
Jun 9 2013, 05:35 PM
Hey everybody! I've got some canons that need to be filled. These canons are kind of important to our game, so please have a look and let me know if you're interested!! We've got other canons which you can see on the front page by looking the sidebar. It's under -The Canons-. But, these are kind of the biggies.

Rudolf Temple
The lead FBI agent and representative for the US Government, Rudolf Temple gets the final say on all things having to do with the Colonial Marines- Glacia Prime's security. With a personality not unlike the Weyland head, Alana Wong, Temple and she often come in conflict. They annoy each other, but in annoyance and both with an equal devotion to the people in the project, perhaps there is respect too?

Rudolf is a canon previously played. You can see his profile and all his posts, but please communicate with the admin about him. He's an important canon!

Quinn Ironside
The former lover of Alana Wong, Quinn is a heartbreaker and wicked intelligent. He is a late comer to Glacia Prime via Han Wong and his surprise arrival. When Quinn and Alana parted ways, it was very messy. The affect it had on him is up to you, but it broke her heart. In part, he's there at Hans' bidding, to use him to a) get back at Alana and cool.gif use that relationship to get Weyland secrets for Han's company. Its up to you if he stays good, bad, or somewhere in between!
Play-by: Henry Ian Cusick, but it is negotiable. I'd like for him to stay a dark haired Caucasian though.

Patrick Kincaid
Originally from Canada, Patrick Kincaid majored in psychology in University and later, criminal psychology. After immigrating to the United States, he got a job with the FBI working as a profiler. Some years later, he was offered a job with Wong Tech that paid better and with better benefits. Leaving the FBI on a sour note, he began workin for Han Wong, profiling employees and competitors for a business edge. He's on the Fei Lian crew. Prior to leaving the FBI, he knew Rudolf Temple. The type of relationship they had is up to the players, but possibly a bad one?
Play-by: Aidan Gillen

Jacob Baasch
Jacob is this kind of young genius (shouldn't be too hard to believe with his play by!) and was recruited for the job. I imagine that he's had a somewhat isolated life, probably frustrated due to a lack of acknowledgement and respect from his colleages and students. This character is pretty open, though I'm really not interested in seeing Sheldon Cooper the geologist. He's fun on The Big Bang Theory, but not realistic for a game. Though, I'm okay with certain undertones that are realistic for his character (i.e. mild OCD, social complications).
Play by: Jim Parsons

Sasha Pavovich
A doctor, Sasha Pavovich was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and educated in the country. When she married American Duncan Xanatos, she immigrated to the United States. Upon the death of Duncan, Sasha remained and was eventually hired by Wong Tech.
Play by: Sherri Saum

Richard Young
Warrant Officer. This guy is a real piece of work and everyone knows it but sadly he is good at his job so it is overlooked. He received an easy road into officer school due to a wealthy background and has had only the basic training of any soldier, what doesn't help is his lack of any real experience. Still he insists on abusing his power by by degrading anyone he can, messing with Marines alarm clocks, even physically striking them just for looking at him the wrong way. There is a plathoria of other things he would do and most simply put up with it, only a handful challenge his behaviour. He only really has one superior and he usually tells him to shut the f*** up, when he isn’t around of course.
Face Claim: Brian Stokes Mitchell
Jun 9 2013, 05:28 AM
Where is it for you? What makes science fiction and fantasy two separate things and, in what genres do they co-exist?

For me, the TV show Farscape was a good example of both sci-fi and fantasy. It lacked the explanations for a lot of thins (which I admit, annoyed me a touch) but was very imaginative and entertaining.
Jun 6 2013, 01:10 PM
Your Information
Name on board: Isadorabelle
Board name and link: Prey
The best way to contact me is: here is fine!

Character Information
Name: Rudolf Temple
Brief biography: The oldest of three children, Temple strived to be the best and get out of a lower class family. He’s an FBI agent, single and incredibly stubborn. He’s valuable in the Bureau and well known for being able to get stuff done—at any costs.
Link to profile: here’s his profile. Some changes are fine.

I'll Play....
I can play the following types of characters: I can play males and females. Usually I play stronger characters, but I’m pretty comfortable with a wide range. I have a huge, personal problem with adultery, BUT I’m trying to not let that affect IC stuff.
I'd like to play on the following types of boards: I’m most comfortable playing on sci-fi and fantasy. I’m not too interested in real life, but I can give it a try. I’m not into anime, or cartoon Disney (though, I wouldn’t mind giving an Aladdin-eque board a try). I’m not into animal based boards either. Also, I prefer to play on boards that allow adult content—I’m not a sleaze, I just don’t like restrictions. No proboards, please.
I am available to post the following times: Usually every other day, depending on how I feel. If I’m really into something, I can post it several times a day.
My posting style is: 3rd person, past tense always. I can usually do a few hundred, but it largely depends on what I’m given. If’ I’m given a big post, I try to mirror it if at all possible whereas with small ones I usually can’t do as much.

Any Other Information: Anything else that you feel like someone should know about your preferences, you or your characters.
Usually I can RP actively on a board unless there’s just absolutely no muse for it at all. If I feel like I can’t pull it off, I’ll tell you ahead of time! Once I get into it if I feel like I can’t, I’ll also let you know. I appreciate the same as well.
Jun 5 2013, 12:42 AM
I got to see it about a week ago maybe. It was great! I really liked Khaan, I thought whatshisname did a great job with the character. In the movie, I found myself sympathizing with Khaan-- then not lol, but for a while there I was like "Yeah, I get it. Get on with your bad self."

What did you think? Favorite/least favorite moments?
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